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Talent concept

Talent concept

Enterprise's development is inseparable from the talent, the talent is an enterprise 's success, we will together with every staff efforts, the pursuit of personal value and enterprise value, social value and common implementation.

One, the concept of human resources management: " flexible management, people-oriented, full, self realization. "

Flexible management : pay attention to physical and mental health staff, focus on equality and respect, advocate for recurrent effective communication, listen to the voice of the staff, the staff of the implementation of the humanized management. Sure to deny, praise than criticism, inspire each employee 's potential, initiative and creative spirit, promote their self management, to achieve a happy work. 

People-oriented: respect for employees and employee care, respect for employees thinking and choice, respect the staff's occupation interest and desire for development, respect for their labor. Respect, recognition, ordinary staff incentive for extraordinary performance. Good talent, respect for individual differences, helping employees balance work and life, for staff to solve practical problems.
Use: make the best use of talents, establish fair competition mechanism, to provide staff to play the platform, according to the need of people, by people long, quantity of use, through scientific and objective tools for screening, implementation person hillock match.

Self realization: building knowledge, organizational learning, lifelong learning, to realize knowledge sharing, promote employees self development, implementation ego development, ego breakthrough, eventually achieve self development, self realization.

In two, construction of the professional talent team

Companies not only pay attention to employee performance, pay more attention to staff work in the process of personal capacity. The performance and competence are two sides of a coin, we hope that the two sides can complement each other, shiny, and keeping pace with the times. The company in addition to the staff's working process to provide effective guidance, through the continuous monitoring on employee satisfaction, to discover the employee 's individual needs, and on this basis, targeted, step-by-step training and coaching. At the same time, on this basis, the company's human echelon model, will give full consideration to each employee's ability, potential and interest, company staff to promote development of the "dual system ", namely " professional series " and " management series ".  
" Professional series ": employee in his love and good at the professional field to the depth development, become the professionals in the field of " expert " or " authority ".

" Series ": love management work and management to the staff, combined with their professional direction and expertise, to the " business management" direction of development.


In three, the goal of human resources management

Improve the quality of staff structure, for the company lay the foundation for sustainable development; mobilize and give full play to the staff and the enthusiasm of innovation, and constantly improve labor productivity, enhance the company's core competitiveness; relying on the advanced management concept, mechanism and technology, construction to adapt to the modern management of human resources.

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