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The content of the concept identifying

The content of the concept identifying

Brand Slogan

Let the resources more value

Condensed belief strength, make social natural resources is more valuable
After decades of arduous pioneering history, as China nonferrous metal industry, we always uphold the principle of " unity, enterprising, unremitting self-improvement " of the faith, the exploration of resources value space. From " nature " for the characteristics of the Chinese traditional culture, from the " sustainable development " concept of value, absorb energy, and constantly challenge themselves, beyond the self, to integrate the advantages of social resources, aimed at " high-end, efficient, high radiation force ", the development of nonferrous metal of high-tech products, to seize the market the commanding point.
Attract innovative power, make natural resources more value
Resources are endless, endless innovation. This means we will continue efforts, the constant pursuit of technological innovation, cultural innovation and system innovation. The group will through the construction of exploration, mining, smelting, processing to market one-stop resource value chain, innovation strength, fully release the potential resources, continue to extend the nonferrous metals industry chain, to maximize value. From geology, mining, mineral processing, smelting, processing, materials and renewable metal recycling and other aspects, the comprehensive utilization of nonferrous metal resources; from the limited natural resources, efforts to develop high value content.
Pool the wisdom of strength, let the human resource value
" No high-end talent cannot stand in the first line, far not capture the commanding heights ". Bold break through the old pattern of resource use, inspire people to create a warm, soft resources to expand the field and space, make all kinds of soft resources fully rejuvenated, release the greatest value. Taking human resources as the core, realize the integration of social and natural resources development, realize the optimal allocation of resources. Believe that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts, the advantage of play group resource intensive.

 Brand Slogan

Let the resources more value
Create -- to create

" Create " is the realization of " sharing " and " growth" foundation. We believe that, the power of individuals is limited, and jointly create a strength is infinite. In the full respect for and the excitation of each member of a group of creative premise, carry forward the collective cooperation, mutual love, altruism, advocate individual creativity polymerization to group goals, a creative community, so that individual and collective, individual and society to achieve harmony and unity. Only in the group members work together to create a process, it can realize the maximization of the value of each individual.
Sharing -- share
" Sharing " is the " create " and " common development " purposes. Sharing opportunities, sharing resources, sharing of results -- so that enterprises in the material, cultural and spiritual field of multi-level, multi-faceted outcomes for all members to share, so that every member of the group in the spirit, culture and corporeal level continuously improve and perfect. In addition, also means to provide good customer service, to create maximum value for shareholders, for employees to create a good environment for the development, for national economic development, social harmony and progress to make contribution.
Total growth -- common sustainable growth
" Grow" is " create " and " share " in the process of. " Common growth " means, we not only value the successful results, but also pay attention to sustainable growth process. Because, sustained growth itself is a kind of success. We understand that the group " members " two words -- a member of the group grow up. We take ownership of enterprises and institutions, departments and employees as members of the group of different levels, we try our best to create the conditions, in support of each and every " member " healthy and rapid growth. Because we are convinced, group member individual 's all-round development is the prerequisite for the development of the group as a whole; the group's overall development is the basis for the development of individual members.

Brand Mission
To become a domestic first-class, internationally renowned large enterprise group
Hold "5 change " way of management
To become a domestic first-class, internationally renowned large enterprise groups, requests us to grasp the "Five" management of magic, i.e. to go " of the high-end products, industry cluster, the area of international environmental protection, production, market " approach. To arouse the creativity, and promote scientific and technological innovation; efforts from the primary processing enterprises to innovative pilot enterprises extension; efforts to expand the share of resources, expand business areas, introduce high-end talent to master the regularity; circular economy; efforts to deepen market reform, play group centralization of capital advantage. To fully exploit the essence of competition ability of group, actively participate in the global competition of market economic pattern.
Explore the brand management of the road
To become a domestic first-class, internationally renowned large enterprise groups, requires us to truly master the brand management theory and method. So that the brand has become the allocation of resources in the most effective manner; let the brand is become drive international market development tool; make a brand to promote information-based enterprises to transition, walk along new-style industrialized road traction; make brand to be the change of enterprises become the learning organization and the creative team power. Shaanxi nonferrous metals group becomes the main force, become able to bear the economic and the social responsibility of the industry leading enterprises, become influential in China's Multi-National Corporation and is widely respected by the world famous brand.

Towards a sustainable development road
To become a domestic first-class, internationally renowned large enterprise groups, require us to establish the integrity of the sustainable development of the operating system. From geological exploration of new theories, new technology to domestic and international the newest progress of academic research; from the deep prospecting theory and practice experience, to ore prospecting and prediction method of technology progress; from raise stoping rate and recovery rate, to extend the service life of the mine mining new technology, new technology and new equipment. The introduction of non-ferrous metal smelting, processing and comprehensive utilization of new technology, new technology, new equipment, new achievements and new experience, through technological progress and strengthen enterprise management, reduce the sources of energy, raw material and water resource consumption, improve the output efficiency of the new method.

Brand Spirit
Attract innovative work

Cohesion is a kind of spirit, lead the way for us
Condensation, is a centripetal adhesions without discrete state, is not from the intrinsic unity group psychological atmosphere and behavior orientation. Condensation, condensation and common belief, convergence of enterprise synergy. Shaanxi nonferrous metals group cohesion comes from the leadership of the group work hard and be practical, from the group of all cadres and workers solidarity. Because, a successful enterprise, have its profound cultural sedimentation, inheritance is worn business values and behavior orientation, cohesion of enterprises the common beliefs and the overall force; need for its outstanding corporate culture, incentive employee innovation dream and passion for work, promote enterprise 's growing prosperity and sustainable development.
Innovation is a kind of spirit, encourage us to
Innovation, resource is endless, endless innovation, innovation is to carry out scientific development, sustainable development of concrete performance. Innovation is the introduction of a new product; innovation is to provide a new standards of product quality; innovation was the introduction of a new production mode; innovation is developing a new market; innovation is to obtain a raw materials or semi-finished products of new sources of supply; innovation is the implementation of a new form of enterprise organization ... ... But first, innovation is a kind of spirit, the most essential feature is " not satisfied with the status quo ". Especially in the nonferrous metals industry in global competition, resource shortage, environment improvement and the requirements of sustainable development, independent innovation, we must follow the conscious creation is a fundamental life attitude and life style.
Work is a kind of spirit, inspire us to go beyond
Energy, is a kind of spiritual incentive, a does not satisfy the current situation, keep high-spirited up mental spirit and go situation. " Fen " word is like a fly in the field of geese, are always filled with an enterprising spirit, show a overcome hardships and dangers, march forward courageously force. Strenuous spirit from the broad Xiong Jun Qinling Mountains mountains and rivers, from the US over and over again the exploration and development of the motherland -- work hard and perseveringly, unremitting self-improvement, beyond the self, and constantly meet the challenges of the enterprising ambition. When a piece of the North Shaanxi folk song sounded, when the Ansai waist drum dance, when Shanxi Opera a moment, Chinese people refuse to be cowed or submit image is deeply imprinted in the hearts of the people. The eternal note, enduring, showing Chinese people unite in a concerted effort to show the spirit of hard work, a great country thousands of years after the storm, the prosperous essence.

Brand Philosophy
Set and mission   And the aggregate
Set and mission, mission and powerful brand is the starting point of Philosophy

" Set and group" summarizes the meaning and effectiveness of group cohesion. " Set and mission" brand philosophy to strengthen the brand management as the core, from the group of property relations, corporate governance, management system, management mode and management system and other aspects, forming a clear and definite system. This brand of philosophy so that the group's ownership of enterprises and employees to the target of the enterprise is of great identity, and cultural cohesion into group talent competition, force of innovation of science and technology, industrial lifting force; adsorption of products, projects, business radiation force cooperation; recombinant expansion, resources integration and brand extension.

And the aggregated, life and growth in nature is the brand philosophy

" And the aggregate " show group, members and employees, shareholders, customers, stakeholders and society as a whole is and the body, its polymerization, realize the economic effect of symbiosis, life and growth in nature. This philosophy is deeply rooted in the tradition of Chinese civilization; deeply rooted in raising our earth of 3 the Qin Dynasty; deeply rooted in the group for more than fifty years of entrepreneurial efforts of generations. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step; the nine layer, the station, from the base soil; trickle, sink into the sea. Is this a drop of water, the earth, and every step of the way of accumulation, finally build the Great Wall of steel, building many-storied buildings, forming a vast sea, on the blue planet weave Shaanxi nonferrous eternal red ribbon.

Diversity and unity, harmony but not sameness is the brand philosophy theme
Only harmony can achieve cohesion, only agglomeration can generate force. Harmony refers to the thing develops in coordination, balance, and orderly state of Chinese culture; harmony is the core idea and the basic spirit. " Integration, unity; and the force, aggregated to the group and members -- " close unity, diversity in unity, harmony but not sameness, let all sources of social wealth is sufficient current, let all the impetus for the development of a full strength cohesion. In an effort to realize the person and person, person and society, person and natural harmony Road three, Shaanxi Nonferrous Metals Group from the natural resources of enterprises gradually transformed into -- Taking the road of new type industrialization forerunner of innovation of manufacturing industry of international famous brand.


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