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Mind identity communication symbol

Mind identity communication symbol

This set of symbols, can effectively realize the intercultural communication, implementation group " cultural development go " strategic path. " Ens " as an English word, with ", the meaning of the entity .". At the same time, it is also " Ensign " ( Naval Ensign flag, flag, emblem, an abbreviation ). In two of these on the foundation of connotation, said Shaanxi nonferrous brand core value vocabulary "Essense " ( condensed essence ).

The set of symbols to express, Shaanxi Nonferrous Metals Group pursuit of business best -- " condensed ". In this state, the group is able to strong cultural cohesion, to achieve its high-end, cluster and international development.

" Condensed " refers to the number of particles, and the particles have very strong interaction system. In nature there are all kinds of condensed matter, solid and liquid is most common in condensed matter.

" Condensed " refers to the appeal to worker of enterprises, and enterprises under appeal on harmonious relations, close coordination degree; is the enterprise of one mind, unite to promote the development of enterprises, make enthusiasm, creativity and initiative.

" Condensed " refers to the enterprise leader and employee between, between employee and employee attraction and incentive is formed by a combination of forces; between companies and employees a sense of belonging, centripetal force, affinity; is the enterprise staff gathered in one of the integration of power; it is the enterprise is engaged in business activities of the starting point.
This set of symbols, give prominence to characteristics of nonferrous metal industry. Nonferrous metals as new materials industries, is tied to the ocean, biology, information, energy, space technology, the world's six major industries. This set of symbols, symbol of Shaanxi Nonferrous Metals Group is composed of many different elements of the compound. Every ownership enterprise represents a chemical element, they in Shaanxi Nonferrous Metals Group family has not only common, but also have a unique personality.

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