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The role of concept recognition

The role of concept recognition

One Guideline
" Condensation " purposes, is the establishment of Shaanxi Nonferrous Metals Group brand management of the highest creed, brand core value system overall frame and basic ideas, the Shaanxi nonferrous metals group strategy practice, cultural construction, social responsibility and marketing work effective integration.

One Direction
" Condensation " role, is committed to a specific brand development direction, to create the optimal value of the new culture, the cultivation and promotion of value and creativity throughout Shaanxi nonferrous management each aspect and each link.

One Voice
" Condensation " will lead us to seek " brand destiny " answer: who are we? Where are we? We come from? Where shall we go? What do we have? What we lack? What do we do? Who agree with us? We to who? Thus, a clear brand, establish a sound.

One Character
" Condensation " is to highlight our characteristics, and through these features of all members of the consensus, the thought and action together, give Shaanxi nonferrous exuberant vitality and unique charm, made by the public universal respect for individual brands.

One Definition
" Condensation " to Shaanxi nonferrous brand definition -- set a standard, reflect the value of the image system of ownership, expression. The brand can establish technical standard system, standard and cultural standards; brand is use value, exchange value and symbolic value unification; brand is intangible assets and tangible assets comprehensive expression, namely commitment, optimization, United, efficient, resources, support.

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